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The Human Condition: Survival — Documentary Movie (Crowdfunding)

by Kreytor
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Please help crowdfund this project by pre-ordering here, or volunteer your talent (including production, photo/cinematography, animation, sound effects, music, post-production, etc). The goal is to make the assets created available for educational and open license use. Depending on the level of funding for the project, any distribution deal will be short term (e.g. theatre, festival, and online streaming for a limited run to increase exposure). Open movie means the goal is the film and assets will be publicly available after a short exclusive distribution time frame (if any) to eventually allow open licensing and wider distribution, and use of assets and 3D models originally created for the film.


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This project has mostly been self-funded by the filmmaker to this day, with a few donations from our initial limited crowdfunding campaign. The director first learned of Canada’s Mincome experiment in 2014 and started interviewing academics involved in unearthing the experiment whose results were never analyzed until recently. From there, it opens the vault of knowledge to wide ranging studies in the US and around the world, from past to present centuries.


The director pledges that if this project is not completed to the vision of the filmmaker as a movie worthy of major premiere to a worldwide audience, all funds contributed here, including from early donors, will be fully refunded. Any film assets generated to that date as part of the open movie project team would be released as an online resource for independent filmmakers and for educational purposes.


About the project: